Wade Dismukes

Wade Dismukes

Graduate Candidate

Iowa State University


Wade Dismukes is a graduate candidate in the lab of Tracy Heath. He researches host-symbiont cophylogenetic methods using computers. Cophylogenetics deals with explaining congruence/incongruence between the phylogeny of two groups of ecologically related species. The most common example of this is between hosts and their symbionts (i.e. parasites or mutualists).

Wade is also a developer on the Revbayes phylogenetic software and is the author of the phylogenetic simulation R package, treeducken.


  • Host-symbiont cophylogenetics
  • Bayesian phylogenetics
  • Phylogenetic theory


  • BSc in Biological Sciences, 2016

    University of Missouri -

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2016

    University of Missouri - Columbia

Recent Posts

Using treeducken for cophylogenetic simulation

Setting up In this post, I will give a brief exploration of the features available for cophylogenetic simulation in my new R package: treeducken. First, you will need to install the package and then load it:



Wade is a developer on the RevBayes probabilistic programming language.


treeducken is an R package for coevolutionary simulation. At present treeducken can simulate cophylogenetic datasets (e.g. host phylogeny and symbiont phylogeny with extant associations), and gene tree species tree processes using the three-tree model similar to that used in the SimPhy program.