First post

First blog post on my new website

This is my new website. I make this as I’m procrastinating on writing my thesis proposal. Over the next two months I will be preparing for my prelims here at Iowa State University. I will try to write on this blog at least each week to document how I’m doing. This will include summaries of papers I’ve read (or concepts therein) as well as how I’m planning out my days and weeks, and maybe even my mental state.

The preliminary exam in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at Iowa State University has three parts: written questions, a written proposal, and an oral exam. The written questions portion of the exam includes a week where each weekday one committee member can give me a set of questions to be answered that day that may be open or closed book and can be anywhere from a few hours to a full 24 hours. The written proposal varies from committee to committee, but I will be basing mine on an NSF-style proposal. Finally, the oral exam involves me presenting the contents of my research proposal to my committee and they get to grill me about this, this usually lasts around 2 and a half hours or so.